Yes, we will have Virgin to kick around next season

Sir Richard Branson is pledging continued support for Virgin Racing in 2011, and he’s apparently open to other sponsors jumping on board, as well.

Autosport has some of the news:

“Yes, for sure,” he said when asked whether Virgin would continue its support of the team.

“It’s been a fun season and we’ve still got to beat Lotus, and have a few more races to do it. Nick Wirth [technical director] is back in the factory working on the car for next season, and I think we’ve made a good start anyway.”

Branson revealed that he would be happy for his Virgin companies to get less exposure on the car in 2011 if space was needed to attract other sponsors and partners.

“I suspect these guys seem to be doing quite well on sponsorship for next year and if they do that, then more space will be taken up by outside sponsors,” he said. “But that is a positive thing.

“We obviously hope to be able to keep Virgin on the back of the car but ultimately it is up to these guys how many sponsors they get.”

Well, we all know what’s the key part of that, right? The need to beat Lotus or risk that whole flight attendant gig.

This doesn’t seem like a big surprise; the Virgin team has gotten enough coverage that it probably has been a decent bit of marketing for old Rich. I wonder if it means the team can cover Tim Glock’s bigger salary in 2011?

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