Yo! NASCAR! Que Passa?

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When and if your viewer ratings are slumping, you can easily turn to gimmicks and tricks and while NASCAR has had its sahre of that, it’s most recent effort is actually logical and makes sense. According to NASCAR.com, future broadcasts will be done in English and Spanish languages.

“The thirst for NASCAR programming, and in particular race broadcasts, is very strong, and we’re constantly looking for ways to expose the sport to new fans in new places,” said Steve Herbst, NASCAR vice president of broadcasting and production. “To be able to put a deal like this together with FOX Deportes, a leader in U.S. Latino sports media, is something we believe will help satisfy the strong demand for NASCAR racing in the Hispanic community while also exposing the sport to new audiences.”

They have a thirst alright, a thirst for ratings and why not cater to the Spanish-speaking market? they like racing too and that is evidently clear in Formula One’s case in Spain, Mexico and South America. Will Spanish-speaking Americans like the new format? I can’t imagine why not and it’s the first logical idea NASCAR has had in a while…maybe they can win back viewers after alienating them with the race for the chase lunacy.


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