Yoong tweets outrage at Petronas

Former F1 driver and current Team Lotus F1, Alex Yoong, is upset at today’s announcement by Petronas. If you read SJ Skid’s story about Petronas announcing a sponsor deal with Mercedes GP, then you will understand Yoong’s comments.

After denying any sponsorship deal in F1 last week and with many assuming they would support local Malaysian Team Lotus F1, Petronas has announced they will support Mercedes GP in 2010. Many assume this is a foreshadow of the return of 7-time champion Michael Schumacher to the German marque.

Yoong stated via Twitter that “words fail” him regarding the Petronas decision and that:

“Mercedez a good team, no doubt but what Lotus is doing is completely ground breaking+brave and Petronas not seeing that fills me with shame.”

Like all of us, we’re confused but in the end game perhaps Petronas knows something about Mercedes that the rest of us are all speculating about? No more “D-Vag” hats for Schumacher? The Petronas label may look nice on the champions NOMEX suit huh?

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