You missed your chance to own a piece of USF1 history

The gavel has fallen on the auction to sell off USF1’s remaining assets as part of the effort to pay off the failed teams’ creditors.

The big-ticket item? A mock-up of the never-seen chassis, in carbon fiber. Price? $7,850.

All totaled, the auction raised $1.4 million. I’m assuming that hasn’t settled all the team’s outstanding bills.

Hey, did you see that? I got the word “outstanding” into a post on USF1. That should have earned me a USF1 door knob or something.

Here’s a list, of sorts, of the items:

Among the 427 lots – including bins, computers, tools, a vacuum cleaner, a forklift, a barbeque, a wheel rim and an unopened bottle of champagne – was a carbon fibre mock-up of the unraced chassis, which sold for $7,850.

Perhaps this is the place to point out that this news is a reminder not to get overly excited about the new U.S. team efforts, I guess.

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