You tell me: Does F1 sound excited about the USGP?


The official Formula 1 site yesterday, I do believe, put up a post about the progress being made on the Formula 1 track outside Austiin, Texas.

You know the one. There’s supposed to be a USGP there in 2012, probably June we all are guessing.

As you’ve seen here — and certainly at the Austin American-Statesman, which is doing a great job covering this huge project in its backyard — the construction on the site got started last year and the organizers have managed to get various administrative approvals from the local government. Those approvals can send projects south as politicians feel pressure from various interest groups and people opposed to whatever project may be up for official OK.

But so far, so good for the USGP site.

I think. There’s a lot of solid hype and enthusiasm happening… but is that sentiment shared by the official F1 site? You be the judge:

Work has begun in earnest on the new United States Grand Prix venue in Texas, as race organisers push ahead with preparations for Formula One racing’s return to the country in 2012.

Promoter Tavo Hellmund was on hand to witness the official groundbreaking ceremony on the Austin site just after Christmas, thus achieving his personal aim of beginning construction before the start of the New Year.

It follows the submission of the track homologation design to the FIA last month, two months ahead of schedule, with organisers having successfully overcome numerous administrative hurdles in recent months.

The 5.5-kilometre track, located in Wandering Creek, south east of the Texan capital, will combine 133 feet of elevation change and 20 turns. The circuit’s master plan also features additional visitor attractions including a proposed driving/riding experience and seminar building, motorsports driving club, kart track and welcome centre.

Construction is being masterminded by American architectural firm HKS in collaboration with Hermann Tilke, the man responsible for most of the recent new tracks on the F1 calendar, including those in Korea, Turkey and Malaysia.

Now, maybe it isn’t the site’s job to promote F1 and news involving the sport… wait a minute. That isn’t the purpose? I’d sure think it is and I’d expect, as a result, a little more positive spin from F1. I’m talking little flourishes like “a full two months ahead of schedule” and not just “two months ahead of schedule.” Something that plays up how it is ahead of planning and the necessary boxes are all being “ticked” off adroitly.

But this piece seems… something else. Unenthusiastic? Maybe. Too “objective?” Perhaps. Affected by a post-holiday desire not to be back to work? Quite possibly.

Of course, it could just be me. Does this F1 post sound good to you? Do you get the sense that the overlords of the sport are pleased with progress… or are you like me and you’re looking for some coded message in there that spells out, “Remember Donington?:

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