You View: Is Lewis Hamilton the £100m man for McLaren?

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Several news reports from Sky Sports to the Daily Express and the Telegraph are suggesting that McLaren is offering Lewis Hamilton a £100m contract, over its term, for the driving services that would see Lewis at the ripe age of 33 at the end of the contract (5 years deal). This basically would be securing his services through his prime.

The big question…is this too little, too much or just right?  If you were McLaren and were in a contract negotiation year with Lewis, what would you feel is realistic? This is rumored to be a £5m per-year increase over his current contract.

Ed. Note~ Alright folks, no Lewis bashing…realize he’s a talented driver and simply share what you think McLaren would be realistic in offering for his talent, impact on revenue for merchandising and sponsorship for the team and his accomplishments.  Leave the silliness for other websites, we’re looking for a realistic conversation as to what we think McLaren should offer and if there are other opportunities, what would they be?


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