Young driver test could become full test

AUTOSPORT’s Messrs. Noble and Straw reckon the upcoming young driver test at Silverstone could be turned into a full-on test to work with Pirelli regarding the tire issues teams faced in Sunday’s British Grand Prix. Ferrar team boss Stefano Domenicali and his peer at Red Bull, Christian Horner, realize the safety issues at hand and while Pirelli were keen to change the tire composition for the british Grand Prix, the teams could agree to the idea forcing Pirelli to work with what they had to solve a delaminating issue they were experiencing. It must be said that Pirelli feel the tires issue at the British GP were something completely different.

Domenicali told AUTOSPORT:

“It’s something that we have to work together on as an F1 world to solve.

“I have an idea that of course we need to discuss in the next days – that we have a test here at Silverstone that is supposed to be with young drivers.

“Considering the fact that this track is very demanding for the tyres, and we can really with Pirelli do something during these [test] days to solve this issue I would also say use the race drivers – because this is also for them something very important.

“So I can guarantee to you that, from the team point of view, we are very open to trying to find a solution. This is something we all benefit from.”

Red Bull’s Christian Horner added:

“There happens to be a test here in a few weeks. It is currently scheduled to be for young drivers, but maybe it should be open to current drivers or test drivers who can give decent feedback that Pirelli could use on the track where they have experienced the issues they have had.”

Changing the test to a full-on session would suit Red Bull who were keen to seek an in-season test in response to the Mercedes / Pirelli test in May and the Ferrari / Pirelli test early this year. It sounds like a collegial attitude from teams but there is little doubt that having a full test with current drivers would be a much better opportunity for Ferrari and Red Bull but the question remains, would Mercedes still be banned from that test? If it’s for safety reasons, one would presume that Mercedes would be invited so look for the German team to chime in on the concept.

As AUTOSPORT points out, there was already talk of changing the test to a full-on session with current drivers.

Is this a good idea? Would it be too late? Should a test be ran for emergency reasons this week prior to the next race? What do you think Formula One should do to address the tire issue?


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