Your chance to be in the movies

In a effort to raise awareness about F1 making it’s return back to the good ‘ole USA, we are looking to make a short film, a mini documentary if you may, about why fans are so passionate about F1 racing and how excited they are that a permanent home has been built for F1 in the USA.

To create this mini doc our goal is to gather as much crowd sourced video from fans as possible.  We believe that producing and releasing this project before the USGP in November will help raise awareness of F1’s return to America and create excitement for the event.

Your passion about F1, the highs, lows… we’d love to hear it all!

Thank you so much for your support!


How to submit video:

1.) Film yourself explaining why you are passionate about F1 and why you believe it has the following it does.  (this is flexible, at the least just tell us why you love it!)

2.) Go to and upload your video. The recipients email you’ll enter is

3.) Include your full name if you’d like to be included in the credits.

3.) We’ll email you thanking you for your participation because without you, there is no project.

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