Your View: Are one-stoppers hurting F1? Di Resta thinks so

Sahara Force India driver Paul di Resta thinks one-stop races are hurting Formula One. The racing excitement would be far better served if teams were forced to make more stops according to Paul:

“These one-stop races are not reaching the ‘full picture’ at the moment,” he said.

“There’s elements where you’re not really compromising on set-up. That’s where a little less excitement has come out of it.

“I thought Abu Dhabi was a good race, but only because the safety car came into the equation. But before that, these races were high deg and different strategies.”

The USGP saw more passing on a very surface that prompted very light degradation but Di Resta believes it could have been even better:

“How much better would it have been with more pitstops?” he said.

“What you want is cars on the edge, cars that have to go a different way to qualifying in the race and let it unfold to the public and let them enjoy it.”

What do you think? Are one-stoppers foiling a better F1? Would more degradation be better for 2013 or worse for the entertainment value of F1? Pirelli chose to bring a conservative tire allotment to the USGP and Brazilian Grand Prix and perhaps that has added to low degradation and less excitement?

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