Your View: Australian GP podium and… will the race be any good?

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We’re closing in on the second race of the Formula 1 season and most of our 2010 questions still are no where near answered: Can Schumacher return to form? Can Red Bull over come reliability issues? Who will be the first teammates to melt down publicly? Will the new teams be able to pull themselves within legitimate range of the rest of the grid?

And, thanks to the first race at Bahrain, we have our new, No. 1 question and storyline: Will the racing be any good?

With that in mind, today’s Your View touches on the usual pre-race topic, with a twist:

Who will stand on the podium come Sunday, who will be first out and will Australia have enough on-track action to quiet all the worries?

I usually don’t answer the question right off, but I thought I would for a change. So, my picks:

1. Webber (this will be his one win; heck, he may even announce his retirement right after!)
2. Vettel (I’m banking on Red Bull not having problems and getting one more solid finish before the other teams catch up)
3. Alonso (I want Massa, but I think Alonso)

FO: Di Grassi. Todd or Grace might have said his name on the podcast, and like then… it’s just the name that came to mind. [There’s no way I will slot my boy Chandhok in here! Let’s watch HRT finish in Melbourne!]

Unfortunately, other than some first couple of turn action (which takes out Di Grassi, maybe one or two others), I don’t expect a lot of action. As others are thinking, we may get some position swapping due to a safety car, but it just sounds like the cars’ aero won’t allow for close racing.


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