Your view: Best driver not in F1?

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Between Rubens Barrichello’s comments about Williams and Michael Schumacher’s announced retirement, a thought’s been bumping about in my brain the past few days:

Who’s the best driver not in Formula 1?

It may seem like a semi-non-sequitur, but hear me out. Rubens’ comments just made me wonder how much better he might be doing than Williams’ drivers. And with the idea of Schumacher out of F1, we will have one of the all-time greats joining others on the sidelines.

A year ago, if I’d asked this question, I bet Kimi Raikkonen would have gotten a big chunk of the vote. But I’m not just thinking former F1 drivers here (your Montoyas or, ahem, Villeneuves), but perhaps guys (and gals?) who never made it to F1 for any number of reasons.

So is it someone in NASCAR? Le Mans / endurance? Down Under?

Something to think about other than the Japanese race this weekend.


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