Your View: Can Ferrari turn its F1 season around?

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We know Fernando Alonso would say, “Heck yes,” to today’s question. (Of course, he probably put down some money on Spain in today’s match versus the Swiss.)

But would you?

As we noted earlier, Fernando Alonso has promised significant upgrades to the Ferraris in time for the European Grand Prix (in his home country, by coincidence). And he said the team is absolutely not done fighting in 2010. A few reminder highlights:

The next round is in Valencia in my home country. It will be nice to race in front of my fans and I would like to get on the podium again, given that Valencia is another circuit where I have never done so. We will have major updates on the F10 which I hope will allow us to up our performance level. Following on from that, we have further developments in the pipeline which should arrive for England and Germany: which is to say that the European Grand Prix is simply the ninth round of the championship, not a last ditch effort for Ferrari, which I heard some people saying. I don’t see how they can say that given that we have not even reached the halfway point of the season and that after Valencia there will still be ten Grands Prix to go. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now, this is a stage event and the final one of those stages will not come until November in Abu Dhabi. There is still a long way to go and things can change very quickly, going either one way or the other. People seem to have forgotten that last year, in the middle part of the season and in a car that was getting ever less competitive, Kimi was the driver who had scored the most points.

So, Fernando — or the writer channeling Fernando — still has faith in the team. Do you?

Your View: Can Ferrari turn around its season and compete for race wins and championships?


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