Your View: Design F1 to your liking

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Although the Formula 1 world feels quiet, if you look back it has been a fairly busy few weeks for the world’s “highest echelon of motorsports.”

There are new regulations. There is a fore-fronted focus on F1 being “green.” There’s no more Luca Badoer.

And just on Friday, there are new threats from Ferrari that it could leave the sport and form its own series (I assume with at least some of the other teams).

That’s plenty of potential change.

And it got me thinking.

If I suddenly had all the power of Bernie Ecclestone combined with Jean Todt (would that make me their combined 10 feet 2 inches tall?), which rules and regulations would I place on F1? Curfews for crew members? Six-wheeled V-12s? At least six Lotus-branded cars on every grid? Banked turns?


But I’m more interested in what you’d do with such power. And that makes for a simple Your View: What would F1 look like in your perfect world? What engine specs and other car rules, what event-related regulations, which tracks, which teams… anything your heart desires. What would it all be?


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