Your View: Did drivers let Alonso by too easily?

As I rewatch the Monaco GP on Sunday evening, I’m struck by how easily — relatively speaking — Fernando Alonso got around the backmarker cars during the laps after the first safety car, especially his former team mate Jarno Trulli.

My question: Were Timo Glock, Heikki Kovalainen and Trulli too easy on Alonso?

On one hand, it was basically inevitable that Alonso would get around the slower cars. On the other, it is racing, right?

It is one thing to let cars that have lapped you go by. But a car that is behind you in the race? I’m not so sure they shouldn’t have battled Alonso a little bit harder.

I wonder, as a contrast, whether Lewis Hamilton would have found drivers getting out of his way so quickly and easily. Is Alonso better liked, do you suppose?

I know that Alonso just made it through the chicane on a couple of those very impressive passes. But, still… do you think they were a little too easy? And was that how it should have been during, arguably, the Crown Jewel of Formula 1?

Your View: Did the backmarkers let Alonso by too easily?

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