YOUR VIEW: Did tires, KERS and DRS improve ‘the show’?


Force India

Well, we’ve seen the first race and while one race and one circuit hardly make a season, it may have given you some information to start fashioning an opinon on the new regulations. True that the rear wing, KERS and tires may play different roles at different circuits as Albert Park is just that, a park in which the cars race. A purpose-built circuit may have distinctly different details and possible outcomes for these regulatory elements. Nonetheless, it isn’t going to stop us from asking you what you think.

So what’s your view of the firs race? Was the first deployment of the DRS and Pirelli tires successful? Did the KERS seem effective or was it rendered ineffectual? What grabbed your attention during the race? Was it that lack of use of KERS by REd Bull? THe drive by Perez and Petrov?

Lastly, the tires…was this exciting or additive to the racing experience for a fan? Were you intrigued by the tactics and multiple pit stops used by the teams? Did the high degradation add an element of excitement or was it just confusing? You tell us because we have our own opinion, but as always, would like to hear yours.

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