Your View: Do you care who has the Lotus name?

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Lotus RacingThe BBC has a curious piece up in which Mike Gasgoyne of Lotus Racing is “perplexed” about all the kerfuffle around the name “Lotus.”

I say curious because this story hurts my brain: Lotus Racing, Team Lotus, Lotus, Group Lotus. Ahhh!

But it gets me wondering: Do you care who carries the name in Formula 1? Is there any group you think has the most rights to this classic tag?

Before answering, here’s more from Gasgoyne:

“We don’t understand why Group Lotus don’t want to support us. We think we brought the brand great value.
“The shareholders have invested something like £80m into the brand and development of the team.”
He told BBC Radio Norfolk: “But that’s not in my hands, my job doesn’t change with the name, and the same with all the engineering staff.”
“I think it’s a great shame for everyone in Norfolk because we’re a Norfolk-based team, we brought the Lotus name back to Formula One and did it proud,” he said.
“We don’t quite understand why we don’t have the support of Group Lotus in that.”

Yeah, I’m not sure I do, either.

And then there is Lotus’ announcement, at the LA Auto Show, that it would be building an engine for its Indy Car effort.

Gascoyne also expressed surprise at Friday’s announcement that Group Lotus were to extend their involvement in Indy Car, becoming a sanctioned engine supplier for the 2012 season.
“They seem to want to do every racing series that there is. For a loss-making car company that seems to be slightly perplexing, but good luck to them,” he said.

Curiouser and curiouser. So, with that bit in mind, Your View: Do you care who has the Lotus name in Formula 1?


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