Your View: Does Senna deserve a seat in F1?



There’s not even a full handful of names left being mentioned for seats in Formula 1.

Adrian Sutil. Paul di Resta. Nico Hulkenberg. Vitantonio Liuzzi. And all basically vying for the two — or three — seats at Force India.

And that means that one of the biggest names ever in F1 isn’t even part of the situation. Well, one of the biggest last names ever.

No, not Schumacher, Ralf. But Senna, Bruno.

As Todd noted here, Bruno Senna seems to be coming to terms with the fact he is not going to be back in F1.

The question is: Should he be? Did Senna perform so poorly last season that he deserves to be getting not a whiff from any of the teams. Not even his famous last name is helping.

And that’s today’s Your VIew: Does Senna deserve a seat in F1?

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