Your View: How to turn Turkish lemons into Red Bull lemonade?

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OK folks.

We’re going on three days removed from the Turkish Grand Prix and all the talk is still on Red Bull and:

1. Who they are blaming, if it’s the right driver.
2. Whether they botched the immediate aftermath of the crash.
3. How much in-fighting there is now at the team.
4. Whether RBR favors Sebastian Vettel over Mark Webber.
5. When they will get the whole issue under control.

And I bet there’s plenty more. We’ve had, by now, it must be hundreds of comments on various posts about the crash at Turkey.

We’ve hashed through who was at fault.

We’ve read different reactions.

We’ve seen Christian Horner try to explain things.

It doesn’t seem like Red Bull is doing very well.

So, here’s our chance to stop pointing fingers and thinking about the past. What’s done is done, after all.

Let’s help poor Christian out.

Let’s do it with today’s Your View: What should Red Bull do to get this incident under control and, even better, turn it into a marketing positive (and maybe salvage team morale while at it)?

Someone’s already suggested a re-enactment with soap box racers. That’s definitely on the right track.

What else you got?


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