Your View: Is Alonso now in the driver’s seat for title?

Following his much-praised drive in Singapore, Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso is not holding back on the challenge that lies ahead or his confidence that the driver’s title is his to claim:

“Right now, at this point of the championship, I’m at a peak – 100% motivated, focused etc,” said Alonso.

“A championship that is nine months long rarely happens in other sports.

“We are in a sport where you cannot be completely fit, focused and motivated 100% at every race, every month. You are up and down.

“Sometimes in past championships in September, I was getting tired, what with all these long flights, getting very stressed.

“But this year it is different. It feels like the championship is starting now, so I feel very happy we will be going to Japan next race.”

That’s via the BBC.

So… is the Spaniard right? Is he now the man to beat? As a reminder, here’s where the top five drivers stand with four races left (if Korea makes it):

1 Mark Webber Australian RBR-Renault 202
2 Fernando Alonso Spanish Ferrari 191
3 Lewis Hamilton British McLaren-Mercedes 182
4 Sebastian Vettel German RBR-Renault 181
5 Jenson Button British McLaren-Mercedes 177

Your view: Who is in the driver’s seat for the 2010 title? Is it Alonso? One of the other four?

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