Your View: Is Alonso right not to fear other drivers?

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Earlier this week, as we posted here, Fernando Alonso had the misfortune of being cornered by members of the Spanish media. They then followed up on a German report that had Luca di Montezemolo suggesting that Sebastian Vettel one day would end up driving for Ferrari.

No worries, Alonso replied. I don’t fear Vettel. I don’t fear any driver. No teammate has ever scored a single point more than I in a given season. (The exact wording there, of course, is important, as Lewis Hamilton did even out Alonso’s points in 2007 and, technically, finished above him during Kimi Raikkonen’s world title season.)

Alonso’s bravado begs a question: Is he right?

And that’s today’s Your View, for a very quiet last week of 2010: Is Alonso right not to fear other drivers? Do you think there is anyone on the grid that would give him a real challenge in equal cars on the same team*? Who? And why?

* OK, for some of you, do you think Alonso would ever allow a teammate to have an equal car?


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