Your View: Is Hulkenberg-to-Sauber a good move?

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With rumors, and they are from good sources, that Nico Hulkenberg has signed a deal with Sauber F1, the silly season is in full swing if not winding down. The big question we had on Podcast #285 was this:

Is it a move up or down for Nico to go to Sauber?

Currently the team leads Force India in the championship (116 to 89) and while that in and of itself speaks volumes, one could argue that Force India is having an bit of an off year. Then you could also argue that Hulkenberg and Di Resta are flattering the car and keeping it within reach of Sauber’s points total. Force India enjoys a significant engineering relationship with McLaren but Sauber has a relationship with Ferrari.

Force India finished 6th in the 2011 championship with Sauber in 7th and in 2010, Force India finished 8th while Sauber/BMW finished 9th and this included the might of the German carmaker behind them. So what do you think? Is this a move in the right direction? Recent stories of financial struggles with Force India owner Vijay Mallya can’t help matters either.


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