Your View: Is it time to favor Webber at Red Bull?

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So you are Christian Horner, you’ve been through a lot this year and now it’s back to the grind stone to finish the season. Your young German star has gotten himself in some trouble over the course of he season, including this weekend’s race at Spa, and sits 28 points behind your Australian work horse and 31 points behind your arch nemesis Lewis Hamilton in the drivers championship.

You have six (6) races left on the calendar with a lot of points in play. You have, arguably, the best car on the grid and 12 pole positions out of 13 possible for the year so far. You have had two drivers that have, through luck or goofs, kept themselves within reach of McLaren’s Hamilton who has remained consistent, quick and level headed when it counts. What do you do?

It seems Red Bull’s Mark Webber know’s what his boss should do and that is put all their resources and efforts behind the Australian who is only three (3) points behind Hamilton in the driver’s championship.

“McLaren have won many championships, so they have a pretty good trophy cabinet,” Webber told a post-race news conference when he and Hamilton were asked if they expected their teams to focus more on them from now on.

“Red Bull have a good trophy cabinet but not one like McLaren’s. So it depends on how hungry we are to try and do that. I think it’s too early at the moment (for preferential treatment).

“Having said that, maybe there is a different strategy compared to McLaren,” added Webber, who triggered a favouritism furore at Silverstone in July when he referred to himself as a ‘number two’ driver.

“I’m not sure. It’s still too early at the moment but not far away, I would say.”

What would you do? How do you get your team to the end of the season with minimal damage and a world title to your name? Can you see Vettel fighting back? Is the young man buckling under pressure? Does Webber have what it takes to take on Lewis Hamilton and win? Do you favor Webber and focus now on one thing…bringing the title home with Webber as the hero? What would you do?


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