Your View: KERS ready for 2011 return…good idea?


The Canadian Grand Prix saw a consensus reached amongst teams to allow the return of KERS for next year. The ban on KERS this year was partly due to a less than stellar debut for the system in 2009 and some considered the system neutered due to it’s 400KJ limit.

It seems Ferrari were keen to go back to using KERS if the system could be doubled in output energy but Mercedes GP were not of the same mind. According to AUTOSPORT, the compromise was an increase in weight for the car from 605kg to 640kg. This is asumed to offset the penalty of using a heavy KERS unit while still providing an energy boost that would add to the competitive nature of the racing.

What is your view? We’ve chatted about this on many occasions but is the increased weight enough to offset the disparity or lack of benefit we saw in 2009? IS this F1’s pragmatic move to appear “green”? Are we using a system that hasn’t been fully developed from a racing benefit?

Let us know what you think below.

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