Your View: Lewis Hamitlon in Monaco…out of line?


Lewis Hamilton lashed out at race stewards for focusing on him and applying two penalties in today’s Monaco Grand Prix. He was very frustrated and drove aggressively to match his mood. Prior to the race, you could see/read his frustration with other drivers (he accused of blocking him) and McLaren’s tactics during qualifying. It was not a happy weekend for the British world champion.

After the race, Hamitlon was interviewed by the BBC in which he said:

“It’s an absolute frickin’ joke,” he said. “I’ve been to see the stewards five times out of six this season.”

Asked why that was the case, he said apparently in jest: “Maybe it’s because I’m black. That’s what Ali G says.”

Lewis was certainly frustrated and parroting a phrase that was meant as a joke is not a big deal but the issue is very sensitive as Hamilton has faced some racism in the sport. F1 was incensed when some Spanish F1 fans showed up for a practice session with black face paint mocking Lewis and then FIA president adopted a zero tolerance policy in F1 for racism.

In fact, many Lewis Hamilton fans were outraged and called for the race to be boycotted and even leveled off at Spanish driver Fernando Alonso because he didn’t denounce the actions of his countrymen strongly enough.

How do you see Lewis’s on and off track behavior this weekend? Is his new management failing to take appropriate steps or is this simply a bad weekend for a young man who made a joke in a forum that really isn’t accepting of such humor? Much to do about nothing?

Racists comment aside, should the stewards have done more such as a grid penalty for Canada? Come to think of it, I believe that is still a penalty at their disposal in the waning laps of a race.

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