Your View: Lotus & Team Lotus…what should be done?

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Following Tony Fernandes on Twitter has been a lot of fun this past year and you do get a sense of what is important to him and what he is working on for the future. His recent tweet about the re-branding of the for Lotus Racing offices and team was an insight he shared recently.

According to Fernandes, the migration from Lotus Racing to Team Lotus has begun. It remains to be settled on just who can can cannot use the “Lotus” brand in their racing efforts with Fernandes claiming ownership of the “Team Lotus” name and Group Lotus claiming ownership to all things “Lotus”.

“The migration to Team Lotus brand has started. It’s a shame. I liked Lotus Racing and always thought Team Lotus [should] be returned to Chapman family. But that’s the deck of hand we got handed.” Presumably he meant “that’s the hand we’ve been dealt”.

Here is the question of the day: What do you think of this entire debacle? Should Team Lotus be used again or should it be left in the history of F1? Should Group Lotus’s new joint partnership with Renault F1 be the team of record? Should tony Fernandes give it up and just move forward as Tune Racing or 1MRT? Has this debacle soured you on the entire Lotus persona?

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