Your View: Monza…who got it right? Who got it wrong?


While the Italian Grand Prix was not littered with passing, each pass was crucial and the tension was thick during the entire race. So much is on the line heading away from Europe and this added to the tension of who finished where at Monza. So who got it right? Who got it wrong? incredibly quick pit stops, tire strategies, team strategy and terrific driving. Who do you think had it all right and who had it all wrong? Here’s the points as the F1 world leaves Europe:

1 Mark Webber 187
2 Lewis Hamilton 182
3 Fernando Alonso 166
4 Jenson Button 165
5 Sebastian Vettel 163

Give us your opinion on the three Podcast: Race Review awards:

Pass of the race-

Donkey of the race-

Drive of the race-

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