Your View: Nick vs. Kamui ~ Who will win the battle at Sauber?

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With Nick Heidfeld joining Sauber for the final five races of the Formula 1 year, we now have yet another interesting plot to watch as we head toward Abu Dhabi: Nick Heidfeld vs. Kamui Kobayashi.

Kamui has outperformed and outscored Pedro de la Rosa this season (duh!), but will he be able to handle “Quick Nick” so adroitly? Keep in mind, we’re heading to tracks with which Kamui is familiar in a Formula 1 car. (Well, close to an F1 car. He was in the Toyota last time around.)

At the same time, Nick’s been out of the car this season. Recently, of course, he’s been testing Pirelli’s tires for next season. (Wait… does that mean he might have been in Kamui’s old car?) But, even so, is that really “driving in anger?”

So, F1Bers:

Your View: Who will score the most points for Sauber during the last five races of the season?

Bonus points (to you!) if you give us how much you think they both will total. Absolute awe your way if you list finishes!


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