Your View: Should F1 get rid of its team order ban?

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This is really the big, substantial question to come out of the German Grand Prix.

Ferrari punishment could affect the season standings, but that seems — seems, I stress — unlikely right now. Questions of what the team order controversy will do to Felipe Massa’s season, or even his career, have so many factors — human above all else — that it is hard to come to a solid conclusion.

But there is no denying that the race on Sunday has opened up one of Formula 1’s dirtier little “secrets”: Team orders are banned, but team orders exist.

And so the question being raised — by the likes of David Coulthard and Bernie Ecclestone — is whether it is time to do away with this rule. To rip back the veil, so to speak, and let what goes on go on.

Formula 1 is a team sport, after all. And as Bernie says:

“As far as I’m concerned a team is a team, and they should run it whichever way they want to run it.

“Nobody should interfere as to how they run their team.

“But of course if they do something that’s dangerous then obviously they’re going to be in trouble, otherwise get on with it.”

So, the big Your View for the week: Should F1 get rid of the ban on team orders?


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