Your View: three things you’d change about F1

The Formula One teams, commercial rights owners and governing body are to meet in Paris later this month and the discussion is centered around the governance of the sport and increased entry fees the FIA is requiring for the teams to compete. I am not advocating that the fans should have a seat at the table, we have no business there, I am wondering what we would say if we were there. Would you praise them for their recent DRS, KERS and Pirelli HD tires? Would you ask for lower ticket prices?

If you were at the table in Paris and had the floor for 10 minutes, what three things would you ask the teams, commercial rights holders or regulatory body (FIA) to change about the sport? Just three things, no more, no less. Sure, this is a hypothetical question based in make-believe but I think it would be really good to hear your thoughts on what NEEDS to change in F1 and you never know, there are some F1 folks who read F1B so be pleasant and thoughtful with your answer…or if you’re in to making Grace laugh, keep your humor clean or at least veiled in double entendre.

I know Paul Charsley and I would ask for the immediate removal of DRS but that’s just one thing, what would you ask for?

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