Your View: Time for a new tire war in F1?

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With the news earlier today that Pirelli is considering the pros and cons (hint, there’s plenty of cons!) to becoming a tire supplier for Formula 1 next year, following Bridgestone’s announced departure.

Rough count, that makes Pirelli, Michelin (thought to be the front runner?), Cooper Avon plus Kumho and Hankook as potential suppliers. By even a rougher count, that’s four more than we have now.

Question is: Is that good for the sport? Would a tire war be better than the sole supplier system we have now? And how much of a war — on how many fronts? Michelin vs. Pirelli? All five? More? Should teams be able to slap whatever tires they want on their cars (you know, kind of how we all do it)?

So, today’s Your View: What should the 2011 tire supplier arrangement be?


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