Your View: Was Bahrain a one-off for Force India?

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We were discussing Sahara Force India over the last few races and wondered why they weren’t as competitive as we had hoped or anticipated them to be in 2012. Then Bahrain happened.

Paul Di Resta finished in sixth place in Bahrain and gave the team some much needed points in the championship. The resurgent Sauber team has developed a tidy and competitive car this year but Di Resta feels Force India can hold their own in the title chase:

“Maintaining sixth this year was going to be difficult, but we’ll keep on track, keep on picking up the points. And being realistic about it, if we can get results like that, then they are like wins to us as a midfield team.”

What do you think? Was Bahrain a one-off for Force India or has the team found some competitive edge that will find them back up the grid in competition for 5th or 6th in the constructor’s title?


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