Your View: What are you thankful for?

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VettelHere in America, today is Thanksgiving. It’s a day when we are supposed to all sit back and reflect on what we are thankful for and what we are fortunate to have in our lives.

In reality, we watch football and get into fights with the members of our families we hate the most.

Still, it is worth taking a second to rise above our baser instincts (i.e. my stupid family not following my brilliant Thanksgiving holiday weekend plan and doing the usual, stupid!) and think about the good things in our life.

So, to honor that, here’s today’s somewhat non-Formula 1 Your View: What are you thankful for?

I know I speak for Todd, Grace and the rest of the F1B crew when I say that we are thankful for all our regular readers (and podcast listeners). You all help make F1 that much more enjoyable for us, and for that, we thank you.

And I’ll assume Sebastian Vettel is thankful for his championship and for Ferrari’s one last mistake of the 2010 season.


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