Your View: What should be the new USGP’s signature feature?

As we push through the gauntlet that is hearing all about Turkey’s grand Turn 8*, and as we process the news that Herman Tilke will be designing the track, planned for near Austin, Texas, I couldn’t help thinking that one thing this USGP site really, really needs is a memorable, major signature design element.

Its own Eau Rouge. Its Parabolica. A cowboy Corkscrew, maybe.

I suspect we all are fearing that the signature piece will be a track in the shape of a gun or a 10-gallon hat… which, thinking of that, it might just work. All the stands inside, maybe somehow designed to provide multiple views. It might not have as many turns as we’re used to, but the top of the hat would be a Turn 8-type thing and the bottom of the hat could be a long straightaway.

Ooh… the possibilities.

But maybe, just maybe, Tilke will more than rise to the occasion and come up with a track of great worth, of great note. But to do so, it will have to have something great about it, something… timeless.

What should that be?

Your View: What should be the USGP’s signature feature?

Both realistic — a particular corner — and absurd — a jump! — ideas are welcome.

Keep in mind, we can keep this post around so when Tilke’s design is released, we can decide if F1B readers really are smarter than he is.

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