Your View: What would it take for a racing revival in the U.S.?

I’m jumping far ahead of things, so you’ll have to forgive the atypical optimism.

I’ve been thinking through the announcement that DTM is going to try to operate a 12-race series in the U.S. beginning in 2013, basically with NASCAR. (Half the races run at NASCAR events, half at the NASCAR-owner Grand-Am series.)

What might it mean for NASCAR? What could it do for or against the Formula 1 USGP? What does it say that DTM would come to NASCAR and not Indycar? (It reinforces where both series are in term of popularity and influence, sadly to Indycar and its fans.)

And then this idea crossed my mind: With the DTM announcement, plus the USGP (fingers crossed) coming in 2012, is there any possibility we are at the front end of a renaissance for motor racing in the U.S.?

Before you answer, add to the mix Le Mans’ profile rising, and lifting with it ALMS. (ALMS seems the hands-down winner of the F1B staff poll for “best racing in America.”) Rallying has a bit of a boost among x-treme sports. And we’re getting a Top Gear. (Plus amateur weekend racing might be as strong as ever.)

Could the pendulum be swinging back to the days of Carroll Shelby, Phil Hill and racing that actually mattered to many Americans? When Ford’s quest to defeat Ferrari at Le Mans captivated the country? Back to times when Jack Brabham, Dan Gurney and Hill would be on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

And, if so, what would it take to push that pendulum into full motion?

Your View: What would it take for American to experience a motor racing revival?

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