Your View: Which companies ought to sponsor F1?

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After listening to the latest Downshift episode, I’ve been thinking about which company that isn’t a Formula 1 sponsor already ought to be.

Apple seems to come to mind, but I’m not sure if Apple wouldn’t see itself as “bigger” than F1. With the iPad, I think Apple has not turned itself into a marketing platform for other companies. The New York Times, I think, paid $1 million to be featured in the iPad ad here in America. It’s almost like Formula 1 should pony up some cash and get its official site onto the iPad ads.

IBM is another, again playing off the technology involved in Formula 1. If the Ferrari garage were full of IBM laptops, it might send a positive message, right?

The other big companies that might be in the running are McDonalds, Coke, Pepsi — those types. And there must be some non-U.S. companies we could throw in the mix.

So… Your View: Which companies ought to be sponsoring F1 and F1 teams?


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