Your View: Which driver will lose Monaco Q1 lottery?

This one is all about gut instinct mixed with a little Kiss o’ Death.

With all the talk about the crowds and “lottery” that will be tomorrow’s first qualifying at Monaco, do you have a sense, even just a feeling, about which driver (or drivers) will get caught out and lose the chance for a clear hot lap?

It really seems like there’s a big roll of the dice coming. Teams can prep and strategize as much as possible, but bad luck is the great variable.

Lewis Hamilton has had a pretty unlucky season. Could that continue?

Sebastian Vettel’s had his share of moments, too. Maybe he’ll find himself on the wrong end of the pack?

Robert Kubica has looked good this weekend, even the whole season. Maybe he’s due for some bad luck?

Adrian Sutil’s certainly had his moments already at Monaco. Could that continue?

I hope you get the idea. There’s no way really to scientifically judge this one. Sure, Ross Brawn might be an advantage, but if Bruno Senna has a moment in front of the Mercedes’ drivers, all of Brawn’s magnificence won’t help.


Your View: Which driver(s) will be the unlucky tomorrow in qualifying?

Go on! Put yourself on the record. There’s no way it will wreck your reputation. This is all blind guesses.

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