Your View: Who lost, who won in Japan?

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It was a big weekend in Japan and there were, like most weekends, winners and losers. In your opinion, who lost the most in Japan. before you answer, consider the fact that Alonso most likely lost the most but in the whole scheme of things, could Lewis Have lost the most given the performance of the McLaren? Did Webber lose the most given the resurgence of the Red Bulls? Did Alonso lose the most in points and possibly the title given the pace of REd Bull this weekend (and keep in mind the kinds of tracks coming up…will they favor the RB8?).

My money is on Alonso but you could also argue that Romain Grosjean may have lost the most in respect and a possible future as Eric Boullier is not one to mess around with non-performing drivers. You could also suggest that Paul Di Resta had a poor showing given the pace of his teammate Nico Hulkenberg. While your thinking, could Kimi Raikkonen be a possible candidate for a driver who lost a lot this weekend?

Now lets talk about winners. Sebastian Vettel was no doubt a winner on many levels but who won the most? Could one argue that Kobayashi, who is rumored to be on his way out of a ride, may have saved his career? Could the same be said of Felipe Massa? What about Hulkenberg, Ricciardo or Button?

Let us know your thoughts on the winners and losers in Japan.


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