Your View: Who was wrong? Webber or Vettel?

If you’re still scratching your head about the lash in Turkey between Red Bull drivers Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel; things at the BBC may clear it up…or does it?

It seems that team boss Christian Horner feels that Webber had not given enough room to Vettel when the young German was clearly faster and had more fuel. According the BBC:

“From a team perspective I’m really disappointed,” Horner said.

“We’d done everything right. We’d out-thought McLaren and to see both cars crash out is very disappointing.

“They should never have been where they were and they have cost the team a great deal of points.

“Mark had changed down to a fuel-saving mode which lost us a little bit of performance in the straight and that also explains how Sebastian got a clear run on him.

“Seb managed to save an extra kilo of fuel, both cars started with the same fuel, so he had one more lap of the optimum engine mode, if you like.

“We could not tell him to back off because he was under pressure from Hamilton behind.

“The large mistake was that not enough room was given.

“We always ask drivers to give each other room, but we handed 43 points on a plate to McLaren. We had two guys racing hard, but you ask that they give each other space.

“Mark has put Seb on the dirty side, he gave him just enough room and Seb cut across aggressively. He was a long way down the side but neither yielded and the net result is everybody loses.

“Our priority is that we want to win the race, even if the cars had changed position we were still first and second.

“We saw Jenson and Lewis racing each other but they gave each other space, which is all anybody asks.”

As you can imagine, both drivers feel it was the other driver’s fault but who’s fault was it actually? Vettel may have jinked right but was Mark correct in holding his line and not giving an inch? That’s racing right? But what if Webber is slower and on a lower fuel mixture or in fuel conservation mode and he knows he is slower than his teammate? Should have have followed McLAren’s example of how teammates should pas each other?

What’s your view? Let us know below.

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