Your View: Why would Hamilton leave McLaren?

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With all the rumors and long faces over the Italian GP weekend, many feel Lewis is on the move to Mercedes to replace a retiring Michael Schumacher. In fact, pundits have had Schumacher retiring the moment he came back to the sport three years ago. Now those pundits have Lewis Hamilton leaving McLaren, the womb for which he was birthed, to the XIX Entertainment-fueled pastures of big money, glam and brand glitz.

Why would Hamilton leave? More money, surely. Possibly keeping his trophies? If you are a Lewis Hamilton fan, what reason can you think of for leaving McLaren for a team that is struggling to find pace and for an opportunity that is unproven? Surely one answer may be simply bad blood that has developed over the years at McLaren but the pie-eyed youngster in 2007 couldn’t have been more in love with the team from Woking if he were flown over a Turkish opera on cables.

Hamilton’s new management team are certainly driving the bus but would Mercedes be a better long-term option for Lewis? If you are a McLaren fan, how do you feel about a possible move? Even if he stays, do you feel he’s handled his contract negotiation with cunning execution or do you feel he has let the team down by either leaving or the manner in which he’s been negotiating? Is it all fair in love and war?

I am interested in McLaren and Lewis Hamilton fan opinion here so Alonso/Ferrari or Vettel/Red Bull fans leave the bias at the door. I am very intrigued as to what fans think about this potential move. I know how I felt when they ran Schumacher out of Ferrari and I am sure many Raikkonen fans felt the same. I even recall Jenson Button’s ham-fisted approach with Williams so I am very keen to know what McLaren and Hamilton fans think about it.

I understand there is no official announcement but even so, how do you feel about the potential of moving juxtaposed with how he’s handling himself now? Let us know and keep it nice. ;)



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