Your View: Will Alonso win his home grand prix?

If you made it past all the Michael Schumacher talk on this week’s podcast, first off, bravo. Second of all, you will have heard both Grace and Todd pick Fernando Alonso as the winner of this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix. (For their first outs and the rest of the podium, you’ll have to listen.)

I bucked the Alonso trend and, I think, picked Hamilton, Massa and Rosberg. I still feel mildly OK about the choices.

Now it is your turn. Before Robert Kubica says anything else crazy or a Ferrari engine blows up when it gets the first glimpse of the track, it is your chance — nay, your obligation — to go on the record with your picks for the Spanish GP podium and, of course, for the dreaded “First Out.”

Did Todd and I really hang Sauber out to dry on the first outs? Maybe. But at least we didn’t make Grace’s pick for FO!

Your View: Who will win, place and show this weekend, and who will be the first DNF?

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