Your View: Will any of the new F1 teams score a point?

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The clock is ticking pretty loudly on the three new teams on the Formula 1 grid this year. None has managed to score a single point yet.

With five races left, do you think there’s any chance one will? As is being noted over in the last Your View on Nick vs. Kamui, drivers are beginning to hit their last engine and could start facing 10-spot penalties if they go past the allowed eight for the season.

That could, maybe, push some of the new teams up the starting grid. Of course, whether they can stay ahead of any of the other cars is an open question. Well, an open question that so far has yielded one answer: No!

Also keep in mind that our next race, in Singapore, could be wet, wet, wet. So maybe that will provide an opportunity.

Does anyone out there think Lotus, Virgin or HRT can manage a points finish?


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