Your View: Will Audi or Peugeot claim Le Mans victory?

The cars are beginning to arrive at Le Mans, and the Peugeot team is feeling pretty good:

Bruno Famin, Technical Manager of Peugeot Sport explains the latest stages of the title holders preparations.

“We are relaxed, even though we had to review our organization for this week. We arrive each year better prepared and a little more ready, even with some surprises, but it’s always good to stay vigilant. The cars have run without trouble and we did all the debugging of the four cars (including that of Oreca) on Thursday and Friday at Satory. We covered a few hundred kilometers to make sure that everything was fine and there were no leaks. Frank Montagny and Gregory Guilvert were driving. The latest weather scenario is similar to that of 2009, it will be changeable. At Petit Le Mans we collected data from a wet track, this was one of the reasons we moved across the Atlantic. The traction-control, tyres, mechanical grip, the drivers, have all been adapted to be effective in these conditions.

We also have this from Spa winner Sebastian Bourdais:

“The autograph session is an interesting idea, we are greatly sought-after for signatures all week, and frankly, with such public enthusiasm it is very difficult to satisfy everyone.

I will qualify the car, and Pedro will start. Normally I try to qualify the car on Wednesday, but everything depends on the weather. At night, the speed differences are even more important, I have a bad memory of my last attempt at night. It is better to avoid putting a car into the rail at this time of the week. If the track conditions are changing as the weather is expected for the moment, we need a car rather than going around setting maximum performance in dry conditions.

My two favorite places are Indianapolis and Porsche Curves, even though they are always very difficult to negotiate. It is rare not to have to overtake in that portion which does not lend itself especially well with the speed difference with some cars.

The first confrontation with the R15 did not allow me to draw conclusions. In a straight line we could not overtake or even follow them. Our car does not have the latest evolution of the engine. To learn more, I will have to wait until Wednesday or later depending on the weather, at Le Mans one never knows what might happen.”

So, while loading up on Peugeot comments (Audi’s latest piece is a dead link!), I’ll still use that as a lead in to today’s Le Mans-focused Your View: Which team will claim the overall win: Peugeot or Audi?

I suspect the conventional wisdom is an embarrassed Audi team gets its act back together and wins. But I’m going to actually give the nod to Bourdais and his team mates. I think he wants the victory after being forced to just miss out last year.

And somehow the weather just before sunrise will play a role.

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