Your View: Will Nico Rosberg ever win a world title?

Nico RosbergI feel bad for Nico Rosberg.

The guy had a really solid season in 2010, finishing seventh in the drivers’ standings and almost doubling the points his team mate recorded. (And that team mate, remember, is a seven-time champion.)

But for all his improvements, I feel like he is always just out of the spotlight. First and foremost, there is that team mate, Michael Schumacher. But Nico also was never really in the title race, so he never got the attention of Sebastian Vettel or Mark Webber or Lewis Hamilton, or even Jenson Button, and certainly not Fernando Alonso. Felipe Massa got more.

And he seemed to quietly go about his business. His fourth-place finish at the season-ending race in Abu Dhabi was a perfect example.

No doubt the kid is good. But is he good enough, I wonder.

And so, today’s forward-looking Your View: Will Nico ever win a world drivers’ title?

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