Your View: Will Red Bull get its house in order?

Today’s Your View question is a simple one: Will Red Bull get its act together in time to stay in the championship(s) hunt, or will intra-squad rivalries doom the team and drivers’ chances (ala McLaren in 2007).

I ask it because Jenson Button, at least, seems to be among those who think Red Bull might just implode enough to gift the titles to his side:

Speaking after his fourth placed finish at Silverstone helped him maintain his second spot in the drivers’ championship behind team-mate Lewis Hamilton, Button said he reckoned divisions in Red Bull’s camp were positive for McLaren.

“Yes,” he said. “It means they’re going to be busy discussing where they’re going to go from here. We’ve got a good relationship here. However much people take the Mickey out of how well Lewis and I get on, it works well with our team and it means the guys back in the factory are not worrying about us and how we are with each other.

“They can focus on making our car quicker. We’re not quick enough. We’re not as quick as the Red Bulls and we need to focus. But we can concentrate 100 per cent on making our car go quicker and not worry about politics on the circuit between the two drivers.”

Whatever your thinking is on Red Bull — and whether you’re a fan — it is hard to ignore the fact that things have only gotten worse since Turkey, when that seemed to be a possible low-point. But the past weekend dug even deeper, and I think it makes it legitimate to ask whether things can get worse at the team.

So… can they? And worse enough to wreck 2010 for them?

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