Your View: Winners, losers and party-goers at the Monaco GP


Have you gotten your tux back from the dry cleaner’s yet? Well, you better hurry, the Monaco Grand Prix weekend is almost on us.

Excuse me? You don’t wear a tux and Monaco watch while drinking champagne cocktails all weekend? Umm… OK. Your loss.

Speaking of losing, there’s going to be about two dozen losers in the Formula 1 world this weekend. But also one winner.

Time to pick who it will be. You know the drill: Park yacht, slip on soft leather loafers in place of those boat shoes and … oh, wait. Wrong post.

The drill: Who will win the race, who will fill out the podium, who will capture pole (yes, yes, the same person who will win) and who will be first out (yes, yes, Michael Schumacher…).


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