Your View: Would any team but Ferrari have dodged more penalties?

Apologies up front, but I’ve got to ask and I’ve got to know:

Do you think any other team besides Ferrari would have avoided more penalties from the FIA?

As Negative Camber has suggested in a comment, it seems like the rule banning team orders perhaps was more on trial than Ferrari when the World Motor Sport Council looked at the German Grand Prix. But with Ferrari’s history, it is hard to separate its past — and, I’ll say it, past favoritism from the FIA — from today’s ruling.

It’s hard, but I admit, it isn’t impossible. I certainly can see why the WMSC didn’t add any additional penalties.

But… can you? How much do you think Ferrari’s position as the premier team played into the decision? Would another team — a Red Bull, perhaps, or maybe Mercedes — have gotten away so easily today?

And… dare I ask: What if it had been McLaren? Or how about it this had been a few years ago, in the Max Mosley / Ron Dennis days?

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