Your View: Would Heidfeld have more points than Schumacher now?

Let me offer up a few facts.

While Michael Schumacher has pulled within a place of his team mate, Nico Rosberg, in the drivers championship — Schumacher at ninth, Rosberg eighth — the elder German is still 34 points adrift of Nico. (And, really, it is more a matter of other drivers leaping past Nico, but still.)

Nico has 56 points.

Schumacher has 22.

By comparison, in 10th place is another German, Adrian Sutil. He trails Schumacher by just two points, having scored 20 so far this season.

Even if Monaco hadn’t ended as it did, with Schumacher back in 12th after his penalty, the standings would be the same and the point totals like this:

Rosberg: 54 points. Schumacher: 28. Sutil: 18.

Even then, Schumacher would be a lot closer to the still 10th place Sutil than the eighth place Rosberg.

Which brings me to today’s question. Given that Nick Heidfeld, Mercedes’ reserve driver, was on the grid during the three seasons Schumacher sat on the sidelines, do you think he’d have scored more points than Schumacher at this point? Would he have come to terms with the car more quickly? His former team mate, Robert Kubica, certainly has transitioned smoothly over the Renault.

Keep in mind, he’s driven in anger much more recently.

Keep in mind, Rosberg has 50-plus points under just about any scenario you can come up with.

Do you think Nick might be hanging around in ninth, or even challenging Rosberg for eighth? Maybe sitting on 40-plus points himself?

Your View: Would Nick have more points than Schumi at this point?

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