Your View: You’re Timo Glock. Do you re-sign with Virgin?

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Today’s Silly Season news seems to be an apt opportunity to pose a Your View question.

So, first, the background. Virgin is keen to re-sign Timo Glock for next season. Here’s how Autosport puts it:

But despite a difficult season, Wirth is confident that Glock is fully committed to the cause even though Renault is believed to be interested in his services for next year.

“We’ve got another year on the contract with Timo, but like anything in life everyone has got to want to carry on,” Wirth told AUTOSPORT

“Timo understood that we were a new team and he wanted to be part of something that was growing going forward. That’s why the Silverstone weekend was so important because it has hopefully shown him that we can do it.”

Wirth added that being able to attract and keep hold of a driver who has three podium finishes to his name is a good sign of the team’s long-term potential.

“We were so lucky to have a driver with his talent, ability and experience join us at his age,” said Wirth. “It’s up to us to try and deliver on that.”

(Oh, and something funny. Lucas di Grassi’s problem seems to be a JPM-one:

Wirth also believes that Lucas di Grassi has been an impressive rookie this season despite only outqualifying Glock once in 10 attempts.

“I know I’m very biased, but I think he is looking good for rookie of the year if you look at his relative performance,” said Wirth.

“He’s coming into his own and doing a fantastic job. The disadvantage is that Lucas is naturally a bit heavier than Timo. For all of the new teams, weight is an issue so he’s still got a disadvantage. It’s to do with us and we’re working very hard on it.”

Lay off the peanuts on the Virgin flights, eh, Lucas?)

So, there you have it. The team, which hasn’t scored a point and is generally considered to be behind Lotus at this point, is sounding the confident horns. If you’re Timo Glock, do you listen?

Your View: Should Timo Glock re-sign with Virgin for 2011?


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