Your View: You’re Yamamoto. What do you say to Senna?

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So, apparently Sakon Yamamoto plans to “talk” with Bruno Senna after the Japanese driver replaced the guy with the famous last name in the HRT for this weekend’s British GP.

Here’s a few details via Autosport:

The Japanese former Jordan, Super Aguri and Spyker driver admitted that the situation had made things awkward between himself and Senna and that he intended to speak to the 26-year-old, who had started the first nine races of the season for HRT.

“Actually we have said ‘hi’, but I understand how he feels as a racing driver and I want to talk him a bit later on when things have calmed down a bit,” said Yamamoto. “At this moment it is very hard to speak to each other, I believe.

“It is a bit of strange circumstances, but personally we have had good relations since I joined this team. He was always nice, and that’s why… I don’t know what he thinks, but I want to speak with him later on.”

Good luck with that, Sakon.

But it leads to this Your View: If you were Yamamoto, what would you say to Bruno Senna?


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