You’re Lotus F1, who would you pick for 2016?

If you were Lotus F1 and you had already secured the unique driving stylings of Pastor Maldonado and perhaps more importantly his PDVSA sponsor money, who would you tip as your second driver?

That’s question being thrown about with lots of recommendations. however, if you were Lotus F1 and were close to being bought out by Renault, who would you tip now? If you were Lotus F1 and still needed cash for your operation and help paying your outrageous Mercedes power unit supply bill, who would you choose?

The rumor mill has Jean-Eric Vergne or Joylon Palmer tipped as possible Maldonado teammates but are there other drivers you feel could be a better fit? Keep in mind that they must have a super license too.

Alexander Rossi

The American is currently driving for Manor/Marussia this weekend and has the license to do it. While many would like to see him at Haas F1, the thought is that Ferrari will dictate that seat.

Kevin Magnussen

Having just been released by McLaren, perhaps K-Mags would be a good fit? The question is, if Lotus F1 are looking for a second pay-driver, I’m not sure how much cash K-Mags can raise and I assume it wouldn’t be anywhere neat the Maldonado-type money.

Carmen Jorda

I’m assuming Carmen doesn’t have a super license so that may answer that unyielding question.

One would presume that Palmer has his feet on the desk as a reserve driver and I have to believe he has the financial backing to make him very appealing but you have Maldonado, keep in mind, and if you were looking to maximize your Mercedes power unit, would a top-shelf proven driver be a better option? Sort of what Haas F1 went for with their Grosjean signing?

Who would you pick?

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Tom Firth

If I could have anyone. I would like them to give it to Esteban Ocon but I don’t believe will happen, otherwise Palmer probably wouldn’t be a bad choice. Wouldn’t mind Magnussen but can’t see it.


If Renault completes it’s purchase of Lotus, I think they would get k-mag

peter riva

Even if they complete a “purchase” (Which I doubt) – they had better go for a Maldonato clone, plenty of cash – those Merc engines cost a pretty penny and, anyway, in 2017 they’ll be back at square one (new engine specs).


Indeed, I was going to say “someone with deep pockets”. If Renault don’t buy them, I seriously doubt they’ll make the grid next year anyway.

Paul KieferJr

Whoever replaces Grosjean had better have a damn good health insurance policy.


I would go Kevin, but I believe someone who got cash will end up in that seat. Someone got to help paid the crash bill that pastor rings up.


Kevin Magnussen

michael in seattle

Kevin. ‘Nuff said.

signed: Ben Grimm


This article was definitely written by someone extremely sensationalistic. Besides Maldonado has crashed plenty of times so far he already won a grandprix! Did Bottas, Grosjean, Perez, Sainz, or Hulkenberg win already a granprix? The answer is quite obvious, not yet!! So it means they are being overated, Why? Well, ´cause most of them are european, F1 is mainly european and the press covering the F1 is mostly european. For instance, I have never read an article saying that Jenson Button has been in F1 for 16 years and he has won only 1 tittle meanwhile Vettel has 4 tittles… Read more »


Completely agree on this, furthermore Maldonado hasn’t caused 1 crash in the races this year while many experienced others have been seen making rookie like mistakes. I think the writer of this article is way to negative about Maldonado. If you compare his (race) results this year with Grosjean the only difference is Romain got a podium in Spa while that could have been Pastor as he was in front of him that race before he had to retire. This causes the points difference, their other results are quite even.


it’s between Jolynn Palmer, KMag, Ocon, or anyone from RB Racing/Toro Rosso if and when Red Bull pulled out

Severo Mirón

Jan Erick Vergne


Again an article with a negative approach to Pastor Maldonado as if the man can’t drive. He hasn’t caused a crash in the races whole year and, while Romain is outpacing him in qualy, he matches Grosjeans in race results and in most races is the fastest Lotus driver (just look up the fastest lap times). The fact the writer does not realize this has an impact on the story he is telling. Pastor has won junior series championships, is a GP2 record holder in most wins and he won a F1 race, hence they already have a great talented… Read more »


Alexander Rossi. He is young, talented, and has good experience with the V6 turbos. If he is not available, then K-Mag. JEV is old stuff and his butt has been out of the seat for too long.


JEV has been out of F1 for exactly as long as K-Mag, plus JEV has been driving F-E cars while K-Mag’s been cooling his heels in the McLaren garage. Its not as if JEV is that old either.

Lars Ostergaard

Kevin Magnussen by far – much more potential!